Ulster Bank Union members endorse FSU pay strategy

16 December 2021

Ulster Bank Union members endorse FSU pay strategy

Amidst rising inflation and cost of living pressures on families hundreds of Ulster Bank Union members and representatives attended a virtual meeting to discuss the unions pay claim and strategy.

In November, the Financial Services Union (FSU) submitted an ‘inflation-proofed’ pay claim in Ulster Bank seeking a combined cost-of-living increase and a productivity and performance increase of 6%

According to the FSU the proposals from the Company have not been acceptable to the Union negotiating team and therefore, the union has decided now that pay negotiations will be referred to an independent third party with meetings scheduled for the new year.

Leading the negotiations team, the Head of Industrial Relations and Campaigns with the FSU, Gareth Murphy commented:

“We are pleased that so many of our union members have endorsed our position.

We know that rising costs and inflation are hurting people and families, especially at this challenging time of year.

We have submitted clear evidence of our members views on pay, their priorities, and evidence-based justifications for the claim.

It is disappointing that the Company’s position to date, both in the structure of pay and in the monetary amounts, does not live up the reasonable and fair expectations of our members.

We have, therefore, not reached agreement directly and so have referred the talks to an independent mediator to happen in January.

We hope this will resolve the matter and deliver decent inflation-proofed increases for our members.”