Sector Committees

For effective representation of members on matters of common interest, there are five Sector Committees which operate in the following sectors:

  1. Allied Irish Bank Group;
  2. Bank of Ireland Group;
  3. Danske Bank Group;
  4. Technology and Services; and
  5. Ulster Bank Group.

Each Sector Committee is responsible for managing all of the interactions between the Union’s members and the employer or employers within the sector. The Sector Committee negotiates with the employer or employers on all workplace issues intrinsic to that employment.

The members of each Sector Committe are responsible for:

  1. providing information and advice and representation, as appropriate, to individual members on any matters related to disciplinary or other action taken by an employer or to grievances taken against an employer;
  2. co-ordinating efforts within the sector to increase Union density by recruiting new members – especially in previously unorganised workplaces;
  3. promoting the participation by members in Union activities within the sector;
  4. providing information and advice to members (including referral to the General Council or the Union staff, as appropriate);
  5. making any concerns of members in the sector known to the General Council or to the Union’s staff, as appropriate;
  6. undertaking regular communication with each Area Co-ordinator within his/her constituency to exchange information and feedback;
  7. attending meetings with Area Co-ordinators or General Council members as appropriate;
  8. fulfilling the functions of an Area Co-ordinator in any area in his/her constituency where the position of Area Co-ordinator is vacant until such time as the vacancy is filled;
  9. attending any Delegate Conference and Special Conference held during his/her period of office; and
  10. undertaking any other duties which may be reasonably assigned by the General Council from time to time.

Each Sector Committee meets at least six times a year.

Current membership of each Sector Committee is posted in the 'Briefings' section of the Members' Area of