FSU women’s network

6-FSU-women’s-networkThe FSU Women’s Network comprises of FSU members aiming to promote gender equality within the union and the sectors workforce with a focus on capacity and confidence building for our female membership. Anyone can become a member of the network if you are female or identify as female, are currently working in the sector and are a member of the FSU. The network sets out to support and encourage more female members to participate in FSU union activities, ultimately leading to a greater gender balance among elected representatives. The network also promotes and campaigns on workplace and social issues that predominantly effect women. To date we have run information evenings and webinars on domestic abuse, menopause, menstrual health the need for more female representation in the workplace. The network supports and encourages female participation in the union in a safe and comfortable environment. Women supporting women.

If you want to be part of our work, join the FSU’s Women’s Network or email womensnetwork@fsunion.org to get involved.

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