About the Stop the Stigma campaign

1-About-the-Stop-the-Stigma-campaignThe stigma around speaking about periods and menopause at work still very much exists, which is why we are part of the #StopTheStigma campaign.

#StopTheStigma is a campaign backed by a coalition of trade unions who want to see period and menopause supports put on the national agenda. We’re working with other trade unions; Fórsa, INMO, INTO, CWU, SIPTU and UNITE, along with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions & Northern Ireland Congress of Trade Unions to build an awareness campaign around menstrual and menopause policies.

Getting period and menopause policies into workplaces 

The campaign aims to get people talking and to provide information about what period and menopause friendly workplaces are. This is vital in smashing period stigma, addressing cultural norms and a lack of information on the subject.

It is also about showing why we need workplace policies and getting employers to agree them. Being open at work and negotiating good policies means workers will be supported in their workplace.

The FSU has already negotiated menopause policies in the major banks in the sector, and we are currently campaigning for menstrual support policies. Click here to learn more about our work.

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