Sean asks "My manager is bullying me. What should I do?"

Hi Sean, Bullying is repeated inappropriate behaviour that undermines your right to dignity at work. It usually takes place over a period of time.

  • If you are not already doing so, record each instance of bullying behaviour. Include the date, time, place, witnesses and a brief summary of the incident.
  • If you feel you are able to do so you should tell your manager directly to stop.
  • You may seek the assistance of your trade union rep or a workplace colleague if this is difficult.
  • If approaching your manager directly is not appropriate or has not made a difference, then you can approach your union rep for advice on the procedures for making a complaint to your employer.
  • Your employer is responsible for the bullying suffered by you.
  • You cannot be victimised for making a complaint of bullying in the workplace.
  • You are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect and your employer must show that they took reasonable steps to prevent the harassment from occurring, to reverse the effects of it and to prevent its recurrence.