Megan asks "I have received a letter inviting me to a disciplinary meeting. What should I expect?"

Hi Megan, This is a fact-finding meeting. Your employer must lay out the purpose of the meeting, any accusation and all the evidence. You will be given the opportunity to respond in full. It is highly advised not to attend any formal meeting without your union rep or a colleague with you.

Familiarise yourself with your company’s disciplinary procedure which you should have received within 28 days of you starting your contract of employment. In general, your employer should conduct:

  • a full and comprehensive investigation.
  • a disciplinary meeting.
  • an outcome meeting.

You should be given a notice for these meetings in writing and in good time, which should include:

  • The precise nature of the complaint / the issue being dealt with.
  • Copies of any documentation and evidence that will be relied upon at the hearing.
  • The time and place of the hearing.
  • The status of the meeting.


Every decision reached by management must have the ability to be challenged and possibly appealed. The process must have been conducted with fairness and transparency.