John asks "What are my annual leave entitlements?"

Hi John, You are entitled to 4 weeks of basic annual leave. You may be provided more than this so read your contract of employment or your employer handbook.

  • It is up to your employer to decide when annual leave may be taken.
  • However, they must consider your family responsibilities, opportunities for rest and recreation that are available to you.
  • They must consult with you (or your union) at least one month before the leave is to be taken.
  • Annual leave should be taken within the appropriate leave year or with your consent, within 6 months of the relevant leave year.
  • You may carry-over annual leave days into the next year if both you and your employer agree to it.
  • It is illegal for your employer to pay you to work through your annual leave.
  • If you are leaving your job, you must receive payment for any outstanding annual leave and public holidays due to you.