Eamonn asks "I have been informed that my role has become redundant. What am I entitled to?"

Hi Eamonn, The Redundancy Payments Acts 1967–2014 provide a minimum entitlement to a redundancy payment for employees who have a set period of service with the employer.

Not all employees are entitled to this statutory redundancy payment, even where a redundancy situation exists. If you do qualify for redundancy, there are specific redundancy procedures which employers and employees must follow in order to comply with the legislation.

You must satisfy the following requirements:

  • You must be aged 16 or over. (Since 8 May 2007 there is no upper age limit of 66.)
  • You must be in employment that is insurable under the Social Welfare Acts. Full-time employees under the age of 66 must be paying Class A PRSI. (This insurability requirement does not apply to part-time workers.)
  • You must have worked continuously for your employer for at least 104 weeks (2 years), over the age of 16.
  • You must have been made redundant.

The statutory redundancy payment is a lump-sum payment based on the pay of the employee. All eligible employees are entitled to:

  • Two weeks' pay for every year of service they have since they were 16 and,
  • One further week's pay.

The amount of statutory redundancy is subject to a maximum earnings limit of €600 per week (€31,200 per year).