Ulster Bank Branch Closures

What you can do to stop this...

Join us in asking MPs, MLAs and Local Councillors across Northern Ireland to call on Ulster Bank to save the existing network so workers, regular customers and small businesses are not adversely affected by the closures of these important branches.

It is very simple use the options here to contact your representatives on the local council, your MP and your MLAs to ask them to contact Ulster Bank NI to reverse their decision to close the branches.

"Closing branches will result in losses of jobs, reduced in person banking services for communities, business, and those most in need of financial advice and support." says FSU

The Financial Services Union has described the announcement by Ulster Bank that it is to close ten branches as hugely disappointing and a shocking abandonment of its loyal customer base and a bitter blow to communities in Northern Ireland.

The Ulster Bank announcement, if implemented would mean the Ulster Bank branch footprint in Northern Ireland would be reduced to 25 branches.