No agreement on redundancy terms as stress levels increase for staff at Indeed

14 April 2023

Indeed acting in bad faith during consultation process – says FSU

The Financial Services Union (FSU) who are representing staff in Indeed has accused the company of acting in bad faith during the statutory thirty-day consultation process and of failing to live up to its openly stated company values.

Indeed, announced its plans to cut 15% of its global workforce in March with the potential of 200 redundancies in Ireland. The statutory thirty-day consultation period between the company and its employee representatives only started 31st march and according to the FSU the company is seeking to end it now without reaching any agreement with employee reps.

Gareth Murphy, Head of Industrial Relations with the FSU commented :

“The statutory consultation period has only reached a mid-way point and company management are already seeking to shut down the process.  The process is being pushed by the company as quickly as possible and this is adding to increased stress levels for staff. Indeed, is not living up to its own stated company values which talk about supporting employees and valuing staff.

There is currently no agreement between the company and the employee representatives, and it is clear that the redundancy package on offer is not adequate and does not meet normal industry standards.”

The FSU are calling on Indeed to

  • Respect the right of employee representatives to consult for at least the full 30-day period as set out in law.
  • Lead any necessary redundancies with a voluntary process to be carried out in a reasonable timeframe.
  • Provide a fair and generous enhanced redundancy package accounting for Irish market conditions, cost of living, and the needs of hard-working employees.