Menstrual Health Survey Results show the need for Employers to embrace the need for a workplace policy on the issue.

21 June 2023

Ninety One percent of respondents  think menstrual health affects working life.

Ninety-Six percentage  of respondents would welcome a menstrual health support policy in the workplace.

The Financial Services Union have today launched the results of their workplace survey  to ascertain how menstrual health impacts working life. The results indicate a real urgency for an awareness and educational campaign on the issue and for the adoption of workplace policies according to Mandy LaCombe, Senior Industrial Relations Officer with the FSU.

Commenting on the results of the survey Ms La Combre said:

“Historically menstruation and its effects have been ignored in the workplace despite it affecting almost 50% of the workforce. Progress has been made internationally in supporting the needs of workers who suffer from symptoms related to menstrual health, but insufficient attention has been given to the importance of menstrual health to date in both Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Social taboos and gender stereotyping has stigmatised menstruation as something that should not be discussed. This stigma has created a negative impact on those who want to speak about their issues in the workplace. Changing this will allow FSU and other Unions to prioritise the needs of women and trans women more effectively.

The fact that over 1,000 members ( 97% women ) responding to the survey is proof positive that this is a real workplace issue that needs addressing.

FSU will use the trends gathered from the survey to influence and create guidance for future work in this area, including seeking a commitment from employers throughout the sector on the implementation of workplace policies.”


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