Important opportunity for AIB members to have their say on Aspire

06 June 2018

AIB members are urged to make their views on performance management in the Bank known through a confidential FSU survey.

According to FSU Senior Industrial Relations Officer, Billy Barrett, “Aspire’ is the AIB branded system for performance management and the Union will shortly be reviewing how the system operates with senior management in the Bank.  Before we begin talks we want to know the views of FSU members in AIB.”

“In the first 24 hours the response from FSU members has been remarkable.  Members have come forward with very constructive ideas on how the system can be improved.  We’ve also been alerted to concerning situations where staff feel very let down by the system.  This is really important information for the Union to act on.”

“The link to the survey is in the ‘AIB members’ section’ of .  AIB staff who are considering joining FSU should take the opportunity to join online or talk to one of our workplace reps.  That way your voice on ‘Aspire’, and a range of other important issues in your employment, will be heard.”