FSU union members in Ulster Bank vote to accept terms of transfer to PTSB

11 August 2022

The Financial Services Union has confirmed that FSU members in Ulster Bank who are in scope to transfer to PTSB and to Pepper Finance have voted in ballot to accept the terms of transfer.

Commenting on the results of the ballot Gareth Murphy, Head of Industrial Relations and Campaigns with the FSU said:

“Over the last number of months, the FSU negotiating team have worked hard to protect existing terms and conditions of Ulster Bank union members who are due to transfer to PTSB and Pepper Finance.

In a very high turnout, union members have voted to accept the deal negotiated between the FSU and PTSB.

Members terms and conditions are protected and, in some cases, enhanced. Between 400 and 450 Ulster Bank staff are potentially impacted by this and will begin to transfer later this year.

This demonstrates the importance of being unionised in the modern economy where change is constant.”