FSU secure additional financial support for workers in Danske Bank

03 September 2022

Cost of living payments worth up to £1,000 to be paid to staff

The General Secretary of the Financial Services Union (FSU), John O’Connell has welcomed the agreement between the FSU and Danske Bank of an additional cost of living payment to workers in the Bank.

The FSU launched their campaign Have some sense – Support your staff with their living expense this week which is looking for employers to support their staff with additional financial payments to help them get through the current cost of living crisis.

Commenting on the campaign and the agreement reached with Danske Bank Mr O’Connell said:

“Meeting the cost of home heating, essential foods and back to school costs among other items is becoming a hardship for many. With inflation exceeding 10% in Northern Ireland, it is incumbent on profitable employers to financially support their staff.

Pay increases have not kept pace with inflation and workers are concerned about their ability to pay bills and provide for themselves and their families. That is why the FSU launched our campaign to get employers to support their staff with additional financial payments.

The FSU have been in discussions for several months with Danske Bank on this issue and we welcome what we believe is a fair and equitable outcome for staff”

Mandy La Combre, Senior Industrial Relation officers with the FSU commented:

“With inflation spiralling throughout the year the FSU has insisted that the cost-of-living crisis was on the agenda of all our recent meetings with Danske Bank.

Today’s news is the culmination of many discussions with the bank on the hardship that the current crisis has had on our members and will bring some welcome financial relief to staff in the Bank.”

The Bank will make two payments of £500 to staff up to grade seven (G7). The first payment will be made in October and the second payment in December.

For grade eight (G8) staff, a once off payment will be made of £500 in December.