FSU Menopause workplace survey finds enormous dissatisfaction about how the menopause is treated in the workplace

19 October 2021

89.4% of respondents say menopause affects working life

The Financial Services Union (FSU) has published its findings from a recent survey of its members on the issue of menopause in the workplace.

According to Mandy La Combre, Senior Industrial Relations Officer with the FSU over 6.000 comments were received from members on how menopause affects working life, and how a lack of support from employers and a shortfall in education and awareness has made working through menopause very difficult

Some of the results of the FSU workplace menopause study include.

  • 89.4% of respondents say menopause affects working life.
  • 97.5% do not currently have a workplace policy & would welcome one.
  • Only 15% feel comfortable talking about menopause in work.
  • 38% say menopause is treated as a joke in their workplace.
  • Only 17% say that menopause is ‘not’ treated negatively in the workplace.
  • 84% are currently experiencing or likely to experience menopause.

According to Ms. La Combre “Employers have been far too slow to acknowledge that women of menopausal age may need special consideration. Workers are reluctant to raise the issue and seek out support as there is a fear of the stigma associated with menopause. Negativity in the workplace towards menopause and simply dismissing it’s effects as a ‘joke’, has led to some women opting to go on sick leave or in some cases consider leaving work altogether.”

Ms. La Combre stated “The FSU is currently engaging with employers in the creation of robust menopause workplace policies within our sector and would urge all employers to commit to addressing the issue to improve the working lives of their female employees.

It is the intention of the FSU to produce a menopause workplace charter to establish good practice in this area, to offer advice and support to members and workplace reps, and to outline practical support measures for employers.

Given that women make up half the workers in the country and that an aging workforce is on the rise, it is vital that we highlight this issue and educate our members and their employers.

This will help to remove barriers that have existed for many years in the workplace in relation to menopause.”


Contact: Brian McDowell, Head of Communications and Public Affairs, FSU. Tel: 087-9161225. Email: brian.mcdowell@fsunion.org.

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