FSU meet with Minister Fleming on Ulster Bank and KBC exits

31 May 2022

FSU will not allow the health and safety of staff to be compromised.

John O’Connell, General Secretary of the Financial Services Union has called on the regulator to set up a taskforce to oversee the exits of Ulster Bank and KBC.

In a meeting with Sean Fleming TD, Minister of State at the Department of Finance Mr O’Connell reiterated his concerns about the readiness of the Banks to deal with the additional workload from the exits of both Banks and his concern for the wellbeing of current staff who are dealing with frustrated customers on a daily basis.

Commenting after the meeting Mr O'Connell said:

“We had a very constructive meeting with Minister Fleming where we had the opportunity to highlight the concerns of staff and customers trying to deal with the consequences of both banks exiting the retail banking market. We impressed on the Minister the need for realistic timelines to be set by the regulator and for the setting up of a taskforce to oversee what is the biggest logistical change to happen in the sector since the introduction of the EURO.

The timelines set by the Banks are not realistic and should be changed to allow for a plan to be agreed with relevant stakeholders that would protect the interests of staff and customers.

Staffing numbers in the receiving Banks is lower now than twelve months ago. The FSU cannot and will not allow the health and safety of staff to be compromised.”