FSU hands over petition to Indeed

20 April 2023

Over 600 Indeed staff sign FSU petition looking for enhanced redundancy package and respect for workers’ rights.

The Head of Industrial Relations and Campaigns with the Financial Services Union, Gareth Murphy, has praised staff at Indeed who have signed a petition looking for an enhanced redundancy package and respect for workers’ rights.

Indeed, announced its plans to cut 15% of its global workforce in March with the potential of 200 redundancies in Ireland. The statutory thirty-day consultation period between the company and its employee representatives is due to conclude this weekend.

Commenting on the current position Mr Murphy said:

“ The FSU will be handing over a petition today to management in Indeed signed by over 600 staff.

Staff at Indeed are particularly aggrieved at the Company’s behaviour during the statutory thirty-day consultation period and the redundancy package the company offered.

Staff are very frustrated by the lack of real engagement from management, and this is reflected in the large number of signatories on the petition.

The petition has three main requests:

  1. Respect the right of employee representatives to consult for at least the full 30-day period laid out in law.
  2. Lead any necessary redundancies with a voluntary process to be carried out in a reasonable timeframe .
  3. Provide a fair and generous enhanced redundancy package accounting for Irish market conditions, cost of living, and the needs of hard-working employees.

We understand that management under pressure have adjusted the redundancy package, but it is clear what is on offer does not meet the needs and expectations of staff. We ask that Indeed management re engage with the employee representatives and make every effort to reach a fair and equitable outcome.”