FSU expresses concern over Danske Bank return to office directive

08 November 2023

The Financial Services Union (FSU) have expressed concern over a directive recently received by staff working in Danske Bank that they will be required to return to their office base location at least three times a week.

Since July 2022 staff in Danske have been working two days per week in their office locations with the other three days at their discretion.

The Bank have announced from 1 January 2024 staff who have been working from home will be required to attend their base office location three days per week with the other two days being at their discretion. Office based teams have also been asked to agree to designate one day per week as an anchor day. The new working practice will see staff in base locations or with their teams at least 60% of their working week.

Commenting on the position Mandy La Combre, Senior Industrial Relations Officer with the FSU said:

“The current hybrid working model has been in place for some time now. Staff are working well from home with the Bank expressing no problems with productivity.

This is a decision being foisted on staff without any proper consultation and without really taking into account the work life balance that employees now deem as critical.

The initial feedback from our members in Danske Bank is one of concern. A proper and detailed analysis is required from the Bank in relation to the necessity for this unilateral change.

The  FSU have issued a survey to all our members in Danske Bank to ascertain how widespread the concern is.

When we receive the feedback from across all our membership, we will then contact the Bank looking for an urgent meeting to resolve any outstanding concerns.”