FSU calls on META to respect consultation process and to adopt a voluntary first approach to redundancies.

08 June 2023

FSU question if the Taoiseach has contacted META about redundancy process as promised in the Dail.

Gareth Murphy,  Head of Industrial Relations, and Campaigns with the Financial Services Union, (FSU) has called on META to respect the statutory thirty-day consultation process and to negotiate in good faith with its employee representative body.

META announced last month that it intends to lay off up to 490 staff from its operation in Ireland.

Commenting on the position Mr. Murphy said:

“ This is a very difficult time for staff in META. There are potential 500 staff to be made redundant, which is causing huge anxiety amongst all staff. The statutory thirty-day consultation process has now begun, and it is vital this time is used productively.

The company needs to use this time to negotiate in good faith with its employee representatives and to employ every mechanism in an attempt to reduce the number of redundancies and to avoid compulsory redundancies.

The Taoiseach said in the Dail on the 24th May that he would be engaging with META to ensure there was “ a decent severance package “ on offer. The FSU would call on the Taoiseach to follow through on his words and to directly engage with the Company to ensure the concerns and anxieties of staff are acted upon. All possible solution should be explored to try and avoid compulsory redundancies.

The FSU will be providing support and advice to our members in META as they navigate their way through the process.”