FSU and PTSB agree union recognition for managers in PTSB

22 August 2023

FSU and PTSB  agree union recognition for managers in PTSB.

The Financial Services Union (FSU) and PTSB have agreed union recognition and collective bargaining for managers in Permanent TSB.

Commenting on the agreement, Gareth Murphy, Head of Industrial Relations, and Campaigns with the FSU, said:

“This  agreement sends a positive signal about the way PTSB want to manage the industrial relations culture in the bank and is the start of a new relationship between the bank and the FSU.

Hundreds of Ulster Bank staff recently transferred to PTSB, which has substantially increased FSU membership in the bank.

The banking landscape is changing, and it is vital the contribution and voice  of staff is heard in ensuring that jobs and services for customers are safe and secure.

This agreement is a positive statement of intent from the Bank and provides our manager members with the ability to collectively negotiate their pay and working terms and conditions with their employer.

This is part of our ongoing work to strengthen and expand collective bargaining.”