COVID-19 Guidance


This information is intended as general guidance for FSU members where they are a confirmed case of COVID-19 or they are a close contact of a confirmed case. 

Members should review the advice from their relevant Government or public health agency regarding COVID-19 (Click on the juristiction relevant to you for information on COVID-19):

Republic of Ireland   -   Northern Ireland   -   England   -   Scotland   -    Wales


Q1: What should I do if I am a confirmed case of COVID-19?

Each member should contact their line manager, inform them of the situation and follow the advice of the relevant health authority in the link provided above.


Q2: Will I be paid while isolating and recovering from COVID-19, even if this is my second time having to isolate?

The Union has ensured members who have to isolate will receive full pay. You may have to apply for local Welfare Payments in line with local Revenue rules, however the Employers have confirmed that where necessary they will top up these payments to meet full pay. 


Q3: I am concerned my local management have not complied with regulations and safety measures in my Branch/Department.

In every location there should be a designated COVID-19 Lead Worker Representative. They will address any concerns you have around local management of safety measures. Should local management fail to address these concerns then your Lead Worker Representative can escalate matters through the health and safety management team. Alternatively, you as a member of the Union can bring these to our attention and we will escalate them on your behalf.


Q4: My childminder/crèche have contacted me and confirmed that due to COVID-19 they are not in a position to mind my child, what should I do?

In the first instance you should seek your own alternative arrangements to have your child minded. This may be a combination of you and your partner working from home, or your family/ friends minding your child.


Q5: What happens if I have exhausted all of my own alternatives and still have no childminding facilities?

If you have no alternative available you should contact local management, confirm that you have exhausted all other alternatives and seek their support. The employers have confirmed they will use a variety of measures to assist you in balancing work with home commitments and that each set of circumstances will be dealt with on a case by case basis. 


If you have a question or are unsure of your rights, if you need support or representation, freephone: RoI: 1800 81 91 91  -  NI and GB  0800 358 0071 or email us at or visit: