Union Structure

The Financial Services Union is essentially a voluntary organisation – in which elected members organise a range of activities on behalf of their fellow members – with the assistance of a team of full-time staff who provide administrative, technical and professional support.

The presence of a Point of Contact in workplaces organised by the Union is the key feature in its structure. In larger employments – with many workplace locations – these representatives are co-ordinated by elected Area Co-ordinators.

The activities of these Area Co-ordinators are, in turn, co-ordinated by Sector Committees operating in each of the Union's five major membership divisions – AIB Group, Bank of Ireland Group, Danske Bank Group, Ulster Bank Group and the Technology and Services Sector. The strategic oversight of the Union's affairs is the responsibility of the Union's Council which includes members elected by the Union's Sector Committees, together with the General Secretary. The Council reports to the Union's Delegate Conference.