FSU and WIPRO agree new job security agreement

Issued : 3 December 2020

Job security concerns eased

Concerns from employees working for Wipro a global Information Technology, Consulting and Outsourcing company have been eased as a new job security agreement has been agreed and signed by the Financial Services Union (FSU) and Wipro.

According to Mandy La Combre, senior industrial relations officer with the FSU the current Wipro/FSU Job Security Agreement (JSA) was due to be renegotiated by the years end.

“The FSU has been engaging remotely with the company in the last number of weeks to ensure that the JSA would be extended both swiftly and seamlessly. These engagements have resulted in the signing of a new document entitled ‘Job Security Agreement – Up to 2021 and Beyond’

“FSU welcome the commitment from Wipro and the signing of the agreement. In the current climate it is good to be able to provide job security for staff” concluded Mandy La Combre



The agreement refers to the extension of the agreement commonly known as the ‘Foley Agreement’ outlined in Labour Relations Commission Recommendation 23rd August 2012, and signed off in the agreement documented between Wipro Ltd. and Financial Services Union (formerly IBOA) during the transfer of AIB ADM function to Wipro Ltd. in 2015.


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