FSU welcomes publication of report of the Consultation on Remote Working Guidance 2020

Issued : 6 November 2020

Unions need to be involved in Interdepartmental group

The Financial Services Union has welcomed publication of the remote working guidance consultation report and described it as a first step in addressing an “everchanging working environment".

The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation provided the results of their public consultation into remote working with data showing issues ranging from the right to disconnect to health and safety and mental health being raised by respondents. Over 500 submissions were received by the Department.

According to John O Connell, General Secretary of the FSU the number of submissions and the range of issues covered shows the complexity of the issues involved and the need for a coordinated approach to address items of concern.

“It is important that this report is acted upon and the interdepartmental group is established without delay. Terms of reference need to be set and a timetable for delivery agreed” stated Mr O’Connell.

“The voice of the worker should be central to any future discussions. It is imperative that unions are centrally involved in the process and are full participants in the decision-making process from the start” concluded Mr O’Connell





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Notes to editors:

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