WRC to consider serious division over pay strategy in AIB

Issued : 28 November 2018


Negotiations between the Financial Services Union and AIB on future pay have concluded without an agreement and both sides have agreed to refer the matter to the Workplace Relations Commission for conciliation.

FSU Senior Official, Billy Barrett said, “There is a significant gap between the union and the employer about the future of pay and reward in AIB.  Despite a genuine effort on both sides agreement couldn’t be reached and the matter has been referred to the WRC for conciliation.

Among the key issues dividing the sides are:

  • FSU insistence on a general pay increase all staff, linked to inflation and separate to any performance related award;
  • Need for clarity for staff in relation to significant proposals to revise grades and pay ranges at all levels in the bank;
  • FSU demand for a clear appeals mechanism for any staff member with concerns over the proposed new levels

“Our strategy for pay and reward differs significantly from management’s current position. 

“Over recent months we have consulted widely with our members in AIB.  There is a widespread level of frustration among staff at the Bank’s over reliance on performance management to decide modest pay increases.  The radical revision of grades and pay ranges is also a cause of concern.  People are genuinely fearfully that they will lose out in this process, despite their expertise and loyal service.

“To be fair to the employer there has been a genuine effort to resolve these issues in local negotiations. However, that process hasn’t proved successful and both parties have referred the matter to the WRC.

“We will be putting the strongest possible case for our members in our submission to the WRC.  Staff in AIB have been central to the turnaround in the bank’s fortunes.  They are proud of this contribution and expect the employer to respond positively to their strategy for pay and reward.  Unfortunately, that has occurred and we will now take our campaign to the WRC.”