'Building, Growing, Winning' - speech by General Secretary, Dermot Ryan, to FSU delegate conference.

Issued : 11 May 2018


“Too often our movement talks only in terms of what it has prevented.  This has been especially true during times of financial crisis and turmoil.  Now we need to change that script.  We need to proudly talk about what we have achieved, what we have won for workers.  We also need to have confidence in our ambition for the future.  That ambition will involve core issues such as pay, pensions and working time.”

“But our ambition needs to be broader.  We need to look at the new challenges facing workers.  Issues such as data privacy and the impact of technology on work/life balance for example.  What is more we need to lead that agenda and deliver for our members.  That is what I mean by winning."

Dermot Ryan - General Secretary speaking to FSU Delegate Conference, Limerick, May 2018.

You can read Dermot's full speech to conference here.