FSU Strategy for Pay in 2017

Issued : 21 November 2016

FSU Building

FSU Strategy for Pay in 2017
The General Council of the Financial Services Union met on November 17 to consider an overall pay strategy for 2017 in each employment where FSU has members.

General Secretary, Larry Broderick, commented:

“The General Council strategy is wide-ranging and focuses on the Union engaging with members at local level to achieve local objectives as well as clear direction on general pay policy right across the sector.”

Republic of Ireland
The General Secretary continued:

“In the Republic of Ireland, the General Council will support, as a minimum, the position set out by the ICTU private sector, which is a claim for 4% general salary increase with a minimum payment of €1,000. In addition, the General Council has endorsed each sector to look at the following issues: progression with scales; new entrants’ starting salaries; equity across workplaces for long service staff; the operation of the working week, particularly in employments where this has increased due to the financial crisis.”

“Negotiations have now commenced in Ulster Bank, are due to commence shortly in AIB and the Union will review developments in Bank of Ireland, where the Union has secured a two-year deal up to the end of 2017.”

Technology & Services Sector
At a Technology & Services Sector Committee meeting on November 19, the General Council’s strategy was also broadly endorsed but it was agreed to have a particular focus on pay issues in each of the employments within that sector. Negotiations have commenced in a number of these employments and we will review developments.

United Kingdom
In the UK, the FSU strategy is very clear: any pay increases should focus on a general increase for all staff as well as recognition for service/ performance. Other issues such as progression, improving starting salaries and equality of treatment for senior staff are a priority and will be factored in to these discussions.

Once again, negotiations have commenced in Ulster Bank with negotiations due to take place in Danske Bank early in the New Year.

Historic Meeting of FSU Technology & Services Sector
An historic meeting of the Technology & Services Sector Committee took place on November 19 with the General Secretary in attendance as well as the Senior IRO with responsibility for this sector, Mandy La Combre. The meeting was chaired by General Council member and Sector Officer, Mick Nerney. The Committee broadly endorsed the Union strategy on pay and it was agreed to adapt the strategy in each of the sector employments, conscious of members’ needs. A comprehensive agenda has now been put in place with communication to members in the sector focussing on enhanced communications, training, organising and better workplace engagement.

General Secretary, Larry Broderick, stated:

“This is an historic meeting with a lot of work to be done to ensure that the Technology & Services sector members are given an enhanced and more professional service into the future.”