FSU calls on bank management to ensure adequate procedures are in place to minimise risk for staff and customers arising from GRA one-day dispute

Issued : 3 November 2016

General Secretary, Larry Broderick, has advised that FSU has issued a set of guidelines to members, highlighting the importance of vigilance and seeking to minimise availability of cash throughout the branch network arising from the decision by the GRA to commence its one-day action tomorrow.

Mr Broderick stated,
“The Union has engaged with the Bank at the highest level to ensure that adequate contingency plans are in place and has sought minimum cash to be available throughout the network to minimise the risk for both staff and customers in light of the GRA industrial action.

The Union has also issued clear guidelines to members to update themselves on security procedures and also to ensure that adequate staffing is in place in all locations. The Union has also opened a helpline and the Banks have reassured the Union that every effort will be made to ensure the safety of staff and customers as a priority.”