Appointment of Gerry Mallon as CEO of Ulster Bank (ROI)

Issued : 20 November 2015

"IBOA welcomes the appointment of Mr Gerry Mallon as Chief Executive of Ulster Bank in the Republic of Ireland from June 2016," said Union General Secretary, Larry Broderick.

"Mr Mallon has worked in a very constructive fashion with IBOA in recent years and in difficult circumstances in Danske Bank. We look forward to continuing this positive working relationship with Mr Mallon when he takes up his new role in Ulster Bank in June.

"Meanwhile the Union has written to Les Matheson of Ulster's parent, RBS, about the implementation of the Group's decision to separate Ulster Bank's operations in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We are seeking a strong commitment from RBS to the need to enhance investment in both entities in order to ensure that they are adequately staffed and resourced to build on the positive opportunities that may arise from separaration.

"As Ulster Bank is now back in profit, there is a unique opportunity to invest not just in technology but even more importantly in staff and resources for both parts of Ulster Bank on the island of Ireland; to reassure customers of its commitment to retain Branches; and build on this investment in technology to ensure that the Bank continues to be profitable and that both staff and customers benefit. Until Mr Mallon takes up his duties, we look forward to engaging with RBS and Ulster Bank's interim CEO, Paul Stanley."