Union responds to news of cash restrictions in Bank of Ireland branches

Issued : 4 November 2015

Responding to today's news that Bank of Ireland plans to impose thresholds on the amount of cash customers may withdraw or deposit in branch offices, Union General Secretary, Larry Broderick, said:

"As a rule we do not comment on developments in individual institutions except for those with an immediate industrial relations impact and in this case, we have been given no indication from Bank of Ireland management that this particular change will result in any job losses. Indeed, in our most recent discussions with management we were assured that there were no plans for any major job reductions. However, in light of this development we will contact Bank of Ireland management at the earliest opportunity for further assurances on this point.

"On the more general point, we are on record in various public statements including our submission to the Banking Inquiry that a paramount focus on customer service needs to be prioritised within banking and financial services generally.

"While cashless payment systems are undoubtedly a convenient option for many customers, they are by no means universal. Customer-focussed institutions should reflect this fact both in the range of services offered and the ease of access to them.

"Building and maintaining an effective and positive relationship with customers also requires a range of service delivery options including mobile and internet banking but also, significantly, realistic opportunities for face-to-face engagement with experienced finance staff."