Tiger raid at AIB Clondalkin

Issued : 2 September 2010

Following the tiger raid at AIB's Clondalkin Branch today, IBOA General Secretary, Larry Broderick, said:
"The news of today's tiger raid at the AIB Branch in Clondalkin will send a wave of profound concern among bank workers and their families throughout the country.

"Bank staff are already under very stress having to bear the brunt of public anger at the recklessness of bank bosses while at the same time facing the threat of substantial job losses as the price for the recklessness of others. Now they must also live in fear that they or their loved ones may be subjected to the trauma of being taken hostage as part of an armed raid on their workplace.

"While we are gratified that on this occasion no permanent physical harm was done to the bank official or his wife, the psychological damage which results from such a traumatic situation should not be underestimated. We will seek to ensure that proper counselling and other supports are made available to this family.

"In order to try to prevent any similar occurrences in future, we will be seeking further consultations with the Garda Siochána as well as with the security managers in each of the financial institutions. As part of these discussions, we hope to present the preliminary findings of an extensive survey of our members which has conducted in recent months to ascertain their first-hand experience of the measures taken to protect staff in each institution," said Larry Broderick.