News releases

  1. Financial Services Union call on Central Bank to open consultation on access to cash as Bank of Ireland close 88 branches [Press Release] - Issued 8 Oct 2021
  2. Financial Services Union to take KBC to the Workplace Relations Commission. [Press Release] - Issued 5 Oct 2021
  3. Banking and Payments Federation Ireland Report highlights the need for a structured debate on the future of Banking in Ireland – Says FSU [Press Release] - Issued 30 Sep 2021
  4. FSU Calls for an Agreed, Safe and Hybrid Return to the Office for workers [Press Release] - Issued 1 Sep 2021
  5. All Bank staff need to share in the return to profits for the main retail Banks [Press Release] - Issued 19 Aug 2021
  6. Ulster Bank and Permanent TSB signing of a non-binding memorandum of understanding is a positive development and a step forward say FSU [Press Release] - Issued 23 Jul 2021
  7. AIB planned closure of 15 branches needs to be reversed. [Press Release] - Issued 20 Jul 2021
  8. Announcement by AIB to shut 60% of its branch network in Northern Ireland is scandalous and should be condemned by the Government says FSU. [Press Release] - Issued 14 Jul 2021
  9. FSU welcome Northern Ireland Assembly Finance Committee motion in support of the establishment of a Banking Forum in Northern Ireland. [Press Release] - Issued 8 Jul 2021
  10. FSU welcome positive meeting with An Taoiseach [Press Release] - Issued 14 Jun 2021
  11. FSU welcomes publication by the Irish Banking and Culture Board of two key surveys on culture and trust in Banks and the Banking sector. [Press Release] - Issued 17 May 2021
  12. Hundreds of KBC workers meet with union to discuss future of Bank. [Press Release] - Issued 20 Apr 2021
  13. Bank of Ireland and KBC need to confirm staff will transfer with the work says FSU. [Press Release] - Issued 16 Apr 2021
  14. AIB agreement to increase parent’s leave allowance from the existing two weeks to five weeks is welcome news [Press Release] - Issued 6 Apr 2021
  15. Code of Practice on Right to Disconnect is a very welcome and positive development [Press Release] - Issued 1 Apr 2021