AIB Career Model Appeals

Issued : 18 February 2019

AIB Bank

Re: Mapping appeal/Validation process


As you are more than aware, members have accepted the WRC Proposals on Career and Reward in AIB.


All the relevant information on the new career structure is available on the Bank’s Career portal. We encourage all members to read this information and familiarise yourself with the content.


If you believe that you have been mapped to the wrong level in the new structure, it is strongly recommended that you appeal/validate this decision immediately.


With that in mind, the Union has developed a Template Appeal/Validation document to help you in the appeal of where you have mapped to in the new structure. You should use this document along with the AIB Career Level descriptors and with your current role profile to evidence your appeal. This document is available on the member only section of the FSU Website.


Remember it is your current role that has been used to map you into the new level. This role is the key piece to use in your appeal.  If you are on secondment or project work then it is the role that you are returning to that should be used as your comparator as that will be the role you return to when the project/secondment is finished.


Your Sector Committee member can help you in completing the document and guide/represent you in the Appeal/Validation process, please contact the relevant member for this help/support.


The template document is a fluid instrument and should be added to/taken from to best suit your particular circumstances.

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