Your Rights at Work

Employment Rights

Most problems at work can be resolved without the need to go to law. The procedures negotiated by FSU with employers are usually sufficient to deal with most of the issues that arise in the workplace. Occasionally, problems emerge which cannot be settled in this way. Recourse to the law is necessary as a last resort. For this purpose, FSU avails of the services of lawyers who specialise in employment law.

But forewarned is forearmed, as the saying goes. So it always helps to know where you stand – even if you are just having an informal conversation with your supervisor. And of course if the worst happens, you may need to know your legal rights in a hurry, or at least where to go to take further advice.

In this section we provide general guidelines on workers' rights in each jursidiction under a number of headings. These are not definitive legal opinions. The Union's legal advisers provide those. But if you feel that you may be the victim of a breach of the law by your employer, please contact your FSU Representative in the first instance. He or she may then refer the issue to your Executive Committee member for further review with advice from the Union's legal team where necessary.