Code of Practice on Right to Disconnect is a very welcome and positive development

Issued : 1 April 2021

Code of Practice on Right to Disconnect is a very welcome and positive development says FSU.

Implementation is key to its success.

The Financial Services Union (FSU) has welcomed the publication of the new Code of Practice on the Right to Disconnect developed by the Workplace Relations Commission.

Commenting after the publication of the code Gareth Murphy, Head of Industrial Relations and Campaigns with the FSU said:

“The FSU has been leading this campaign since its launch on World Mental Health Day in October 2019 and secured the commitment in the Programme for Government that has led to this Code.

The Code provides for a number of important obligations on employers including emphasising break and rest times and the development of a culture of disconnecting outside of working time.”

The Code includes a few practical measures:

  • Training for managers and staff in respecting a culture of right to disconnect.
  • Communication of an expectation of disconnecting outside of working hours.
  • Right not to be penalised for disconnecting.
  • A complaint mechanism for offences
  • A template policy for employers to discuss with trade unions.

“The code recognises the right for workers to maintain clear boundaries between work and leisure time. For many workers, their unions will now negotiate the implementation of this new code of practice which will really help hundreds of thousands of workers.

However, implementation of any code is key to its success. We are aware from our members in the new and high-tech sector, who are only beginning to organise union representation, that the always on culture is prevalent and is damaging to workers mental health and family time. 

If employers fail to abide by the code the case to make the code legally enforceable will be undeniable, a position endorsed by over 95% of FSU members who responded to an online poll on the issue in February” concluded Mr Murphy.


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