Performance Goals Helpline

Issued : 10 February 2021

If you have questions or concerns regarding your performance targets for this year, FSU’s Advice Centre will be taking your calls and emails this Wednesday, 10th February 12-6pm. Your union is committed to supporting you during this time. Our freephone numbers are (ROI) 1800 819 191 (NI-GB) 0800 358 0071 or email us at [email protected]

Targets set at the beginning of the year should be agreed jointly between you and your manager. You should have a very active role in shaping this discussion while having a clear idea of how you want your role to develop over the year. This meeting should not be about you quietly accepting the demands of management. Foremost must be the confirmation that work may change beyond your control, due to the pandemic.

When discussing and agreeing your objectives make sure they are:

Specific - objectives must be clear and focussed.

Measurable - how progress will be measured should be clear.

Achievable - objectives should be within your control to deliver.

Realistic - objectives can be achieved with resources available.

Time bound - dates for delivery of results are clear.

Otherwise, you may have agreed to unrealistic goals, with no way of measuring progress and without the resources to deliver them.

Many people receive unrealistic or vague targets to reach for their performance review. Ratings are very important because they can influence your pay award, your promotional opportunity and a lot more, so they can define your career in an employment. Each year, your union assists staff in overturning inaccurate ratings. If you are unhappy with your rating, request (in writing) a copy of the grievance procedure for ratings within your employment after your end-of-year meeting. Quite often, the issues outstanding can be resolved informally, at this stage. Remember, you are entitled to pursue the formal grievance process so do not feel you have to sign off on any proposal by management.


We are here to support you during this time. We are available by phone or email on Wednesday, 10th February 12-6pm, at (ROI) 1800 819 191 (NI-GB) 0800 358 0071 or email us at [email protected]


FSU Advice Centre Team.