Survey reveals pay and homeworking key areas of focus for Bank of Ireland staff

Issued : 11 December 2020

Survey reveals pay and homeworking key areas of focus for Bank of Ireland staff

Over 90% feel a homeworking allowance is key to continuing working from home

A recent survey of staff working in Bank of Ireland has shown that pay and homeworking are key areas of focus for a clear majority of staff. The survey was carried out by the Financial Services Union over the last couple of weeks.

The survey revealed that nearly 68% of respondents expect to receive a similar pay increase this year as last with a further 24.5% have expectations of a higher increase this year.

Last year agreement of an increase of 2.95% on pay was reached between the Bank and the FSU in discussions chaired by Independent facilitator, Martin King.

Negotiations for the forthcoming year on pay are due to start early in the new year.

According to Maeve Brehony, Senior Industrial Officer with the FSU the survey results reflect the concerns expressed to the union in their discussions with staff.

“Staff in Bank of Ireland have worked tirelessly this year, in extraordinary circumstances providing vital services to customers and business around the Country. The majority of Bank of Ireland staff are working from home, around their kitchen table in some instances dealing with all the anxieties that brings and still managing to provide professional and friendly customer service. They deserve a just reward for their commitment and professionalism “stated Ms Brehony.

The survey also revealed that over 90% of respondents stated that an allowance for working from home was important or essential to allow them to continue working from home.

“This reflects the changing nature of work and the Bank needs to respond in a positive way to ensure that people can have a choice of homeworking into the future” concluded Ms Brehony.


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