UNI Global Union launch new report on winning the right to disconnect

Issued : 2 October 2020

A new report released by UNI Global Union sets out a roadmap for unions seeking to win a better work-life balance by making the right to disconnect a law. As more of us are working from home because of the pandemic, the right to disconnect has become more important than ever.

Its publication is a very timely addition to our research and knowledge of right to disconnect initiatives around the world.

The study looks at successful efforts to establish the legal right to disconnect in Argentina, Belgium, Chile, France, Italy, and Spain and issues recommendations for national campaigns.

FSU has been leading the Irish campaign for the right to disconnect and has recently submitted a template protocol to the Workplace Relations Commission, WRC. The WRC have been mandated by Government to develop a code of practice on the right to disconnect. FSU has today sent the WRC this latest research to help inform an Irish approach.

The report supports our position as a union in calling for legislation and should assist the WRC and the Government in their approach to the topic. We need legislative action on this now to support peoples work life balance during an incredibly challenging time for all.


The right to disconnect refers to the right of workers to disconnect from their work and to not receive or answer any work-related emails, calls, or messages outside of normal working hours. It is designed to establish boundaries around the use of electronic communication and to provide workers with an opportunity to improve their work-life balance