Safety must be a priority as “new normal” continues

Issued : 7 July 2020

A safe return to for all


Safety must be a priority as “new normal” continues


And so it has begun, more staff are now returning to workplaces.


It would be unfair to call this a “return to work”, when so many of those who are now back at work locations have been working from  home for many months.


Firstly, some general points. It is essential that there is a collaborative approach to the return to work. This means there should be high degree of consultation with trade unions, where the union is recognized.  If you are a union member in a workplace where your union is not recognise, contact your representative or head office. If you are an FSU member, call our advice centre or email [email protected].


Remember, each workplace must at least one worker representative appointed to ensure people work safely though Covid 19. Representatives must be properly trained, identified in the workplace, and a structured reporting mechanism must be put in place. Lead worker representatives have an important role to play in ensuring workplace safety.


At work, social distancing must remain in place. For customer facing roles employers must limit physical interaction as much as possible, ensure social distancing and have the necessary hygiene  measures in place. All touch points must be regularly cleaned. There must be induction training for all those returning to workplaces. Employers must have policies in place to deal with cases if they arise, such as ways of dealing wish isolation. Staff must fill out a return to work form.


All staff should be vigilant to ensure that appropriate measures are in place. More information can be found at


If you are a member of FSU, please contact us with any queries. If you are not a member of FSU, remember the best way to have your say at work is to be part of your union. Join today at


Stay safe!