Reactions to Covid-19 - AIB Group - AIB 12/20

Issued : 7 April 2020

AIB 12/20


As members are no doubt aware, the Covid-19 pandemic is the single greatest issue to face the world since the collapse of the global economy in 2008/09. This, however, is a totally different challenge and how governments are tackling the issues varies. Indeed, there is clear divergence between how the Irish and UK Governments have tackled the crisis.


From a Trade Union perspective, we in the FSU have had very clear objectives and a clear approach to the pandemic and its impact on our members. We set out 3 main objectives as follows:

  • Protect our Members’ health and well-being;
  • Protect our Members’ jobs; and
  • Protect our Members’ Salaries.


Like the Governments, the employers have taken different paths and processes in dealing with the pandemic, some have been proactive and others reactive. Your FSU representatives have daily conference calls with senior management in AIB where your issues and concerns are raised. To date, we believe we have succeeded in our main objectives in that:

  • All the HSE guidelines, in terms of businesses that remain open, are in place and are under constant review (social distancing, sanitizer, gloves and face masks);
  • Members not in a position to attend work arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, remain on full pay and will remain on this up to the end of April. Should the Government extend the current restrictions beyond that date, we will seek to have this guarantee extended to the time of any increased restrictions; and
  • Planned redundancies are now paused, therefore protecting current jobs in AIB.


While we have been successful in our main objectives, members continue to raise issues with us. At our recent Helpline, members had a direct line to the elected representatives who bring your concerns to the attention of senior management.  Your FSU Sector Committee took note of your issues and have raised these with management.


The main issues that members raised, in no particular order, were:

  • Appreciate Award – members shared their feedback with us in relation to this, particularly in relation to how it compares to the offerings in other banks;
  • Frontline Staff - Members believe that those working on the Front Line, given their interactions with the public on a daily basis, should be treated more favourably.
  • Opening Times – Members have questioned the opening hours and are seeking clarity on the service offering in the Bank, and what is deemed ‘essential’;
  • Health and Safety – members have raised concerns about social distancing and adherence to the measures that are in place, also concerned about the levels of PPE available in some locations. We have confirmation from the Bank, however, that the roll out of Perspex in all branches has been completed; and
  • Provision of Lunch/Snacks – Front line staff are treated less favourably than those in Head Office locations, lack of clarity as to what is available. However, it is difficult to provide a consistent offering across all locations.  We continue to seek clarity on what is available to ensure that all staff working on the front line are looked after appropriately


All of the above issues have been raised with senior management and will be under constant review. We will keep you updated on any developments as they arise.


Where members have concerns in terms of local implementation of any of the HSE guidance, these should, in the first instance, be raised with local management. Where the issues remain unresolved please contact your local Sector Committee member (listed below) to escalate the issues to your local market leader or appropriate senior line management. 


At this point in time, it is now as important as ever to have a strong Union in your workplace. You and your colleagues need to ensure that any non-member in you branch/department joins the Union now. This can be done online at, or alternatively, you can seek a copy of our membership application form from any of your elected representatives.


Billy Barrett

Industrial Officer

Financial Services Union

“Putting U First”




AIB Group Sector Committee






Paul Gilmartin

Carrick on Shannon Branch

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Dec Coates

AIB Technology Operations, 1st Floor, Block H, Central Park, Leopardstown

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Sonia Guiney

Front Line Support, Block G2, Bankcentre

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Roger James

IBB & International, 1st Floor, Time House, Naas, Co. Kildare.

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AIB Bank Edward Street, Newbridge, Co. Kildare 

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AIB (NI), Meadowbank

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