Bank of Ireland assures FSU that branch closures are a temporary measure and will not result in job losses

Issued : 24 March 2020

Union secures assurances on behalf of staff and customers as Bank of Ireland announce temporarily closure of branches


The Financial Services Union has today secured assurance in writing from Bank of Ireland in relation to the future of the branch network, in light of the temporary closure of 101 branches.


FSU General Secretary John O'Connell said:


"Bank of Ireland have assured us that all branch closures are temporary and that all branches will re-open. In addition, where front line services are maintained, it is vital that every precaution possible will be taken to protect our members “


"Bank of Ireland must continue to demonstrate a duty of care to staff regarding caring responsibilities, isolation needs and a commitment to continuity of pay for our members."


FSU Senior Industrial Relations Officer Maeve Brehony said:


"We have been assured by the Bank that the closure of branches is a temporary measure which will not result in any job losses or any community suffering a loss of branch services, and which will see all branches fully reopen post Covid-19 pandemic.  “


"However, customer access to branches which remain open needs to be properly managed for the further protection of our members and customers”