FSU achieves employee data protection commitments

Issued : 29 January 2020

FSU is campaigning on employee data protection, right to disconnect and skills as part of Future of Work agenda. This week FSU achieved two important written commitments into the privacy statement of Ulster Bank/RBS. These commitments re-confirm the protection of employee data from commodification and a rights’ focussed approach for employees recognising the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO’s code of practice on the protection of workers data. We all hear of how data is the new gold and are conscious of employers collecting increasing amounts of data on employees. In this context these written confirmations from Ulster Bank/RBS are important.


Commenting on this FSU’s official in Ulster Bank, Gareth Murphy, said, ‘This is a positive development brought about through good dialogue and discussions with the bank. While we obviously continue to focus on issues like pay and job security we are also developing our Future of Work agenda with employers directly and with legislators. Trade unions needs to be at the centre of the Future of Work debate and bargaining collectively for policies that improve the working environment through employee-led flexibility and protections. These written confirmations mean respecting the human rights of employees in the bank with regard their data and also ensuring that data will not be traded or sold.’


FSU has worked with its global union, UNI, in developing its future of work agenda. More information on UNI policies can be found at http://www.thefutureworldofwork.org/


FSU is committed to working to secure decent and safe work for members where technology complements and supports workers and customers. We will continue to pursue matters like right to disconnect and skills for the future in our discussions with the Bank.