Petition for the ‘right to disconnect’ gains momentum

Issued : 23 October 2019


Petition for the ‘right to disconnect’ gains momentum


The Financial Services Union has launched a petition seeking legislation on the ‘right to disconnect’. The Union says that new laws are required to counteract the ‘always on’ culture, whereby workers are increasingly expected to take calls and reply to emails after the end of the working day. The petition can be viewed by clicking this link.


Financial Services Union (FSU) petition launch has been co-ordinated with a global trade union campaign calling on Governments to prioritise the issue. UNI Global Union, an alliance of unions spanning over 150 countries, has launched a global campaign to confront the ‘always on’ culture, calling the ‘right to disconnect’ the new fight for the eight-hour workday.


Gareth Murphy, Head of Industrial Relations and Campaigns with FSU said: “The Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation Heather Humphreys is reviewing the ‘right to disconnect’. We want to shape the direction of this review through our petition calling for legislation which will protect all workers. If legislation is not introduced, then the worst employers will do nothing and will continue to expose workers to a harmful working environment.”


Christy Hoffman, UNI Global Union General Secretary representing 20 million workers across 150 countries, said: “Workers all over the world are facing similar challenges with new technology and an ‘always on’ culture. That’s why we at UNI Global Union have prioritised the ‘right to disconnect’ as an issue for Governments, regulators and employers.”


She added: “The ‘right to disconnect’ is the new fight for the eight-hour day confronting many unions and workers. We urge the Government in Ireland to listen to our affiliate union, Financial Services Union, and to legislate for the ‘right to disconnect’. In doing this, they will not be alone but will be joining the French Government and an increasing number of employers who are addressing this challenge positively. The Irish Government needs to do the right thing.”