FSU critical of AIB failure to uniformly close branch network in 'level red' counties.

Issued : 28 February 2018


The Financial Services Union today criticised AIB’s decision not to uniformly close branches in counties impacted by today’s ‘level red’ weather warning.

According to Senior Industrial Relations Official Billy Barrett, “We understand that both Ulster Bank and Bank of Ireland made the right call early in the morning to close branches in counties impacted by Met Eireann’s ‘level red’ weather alert.  This was the right decision – it minimises travel in dangerous conditions and puts the health and safety of staff, and customers, at the top of the agenda.

“We are annoyed that AIB has not adopted a similar clear cut position.  At AIB present is saying that decisions to open or close a branch in ‘level red’ areas will be made at local level and staff are expected to travel to work.  It’s the wrong call.”

General Secretary of the Financial Services Union, Larry Broderick, stated, “This is a rare weather event and we acknowledge the positive decisions that many employers in the sector have taken to ensure the health and safety of staff and customers. 

“Unfortunately, AIB has not implemented a clear policy today and this leaves staff in a very difficult position, leaving many with genuine concerns about their commute home for instance.  Even at this stage I would urge AIB to follow the example of BoI and Ulster Bank and close all branches in ‘level red’ counties.  I would also urge the bank to make a clear statement that in the event of ‘level red’ warnings remaining in place over the coming days that staff in those areas are not expected to travel to work.”