Financial Services Union Launches New Online Resource on Work-Related Stress

Issued : 11 December 2017


The Financial Services Union today launched a new online resource to highlight work-related stress.

Available here the new initiative outlines the prevalence and main causes of work-related stress, especially in the financial services. It clearly outlines the responsibility that employers have to provide a safe and healthy work environment and how trade unions can assist staff to remove the causes of stress in the workplace.

Commenting on the initiative, Larry Broderick, General Secretary of the Financial Services Union, stated, “There is no doubt that levels of work-related stress have increased in the financial services sector in recent years.  As a Union we take this very seriously and are determined to provide our members with the support they need to remove the causes of work-related stress.

“FSU has been to the fore in promoting practical solutions that reduce work-related stress and improve the working lives of our members.  For instance we’ve campaigned for better reporting and response procedures where understaffing occurs, we’ve worked to introduce early intervention occupational health schemes and secured increased leave, paternity leave and other crucial benefits for staff.  This agenda will remain a priority in 2018.”

The online resource was produced with the assistance of AWARE and Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Claire Hayes. 

“FSU was delighted to have the assistance of our charity partners, AWARE and AWARE NI , and Dr. Claire Hayes, in producing this resource.  On the island of Ireland AWARE makes a very real difference in the lives of thousands of people, helping them when they are often at a very low point in their lives.  We are proud to support their work.  We are also delighted that Dr. Claire Hayes has provided very practical advice on managing stress in five short videos that are part of our online resource,” concluded Mr. Broderick.