FSU response to media report re: Bank of Ireland staffing levels

Issued : 28 October 2017

Responding to today’s media report General Secretary of the Financial Services Union, Larry Broderick said:

We have not been informed of any such proposal by Bank of Ireland.

We are currently in negotiations with the Bank in relation to ongoing restructuring and no such proposal has been tabled or discussed in these negotiations.

Given the size of the redundancy cited in today’s media report there would be a requirement for the employer to formally notify the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection of its intentions.  Again, we are not aware that any such notification has issued.

The Financial Services Union’s position is clear – we would be totally opposed to any such level of redundancy.  Our members in Bank of Ireland are protected from compulsory redundancy.  Any proposed change in staffing levels has to be in line with current job security agreements.