Financial Services Union Seeks Comprehensive Agreement on Relocations As AIB Announces New Molesworth Street Base

Issued : 12 October 2017


The Financial Services Union has said it is seeking a comprehensive agreement on staff relocations in AIB following a recent series of moves that have affected staff.

According to Senior Industrial Relations Officer, Billy Barrett, “Today AIB announced that some 800 staff will move to new office accommodation on Molesworth Street, Dublin 2.  While the bank hails this as the beginning of an ‘exciting period’ for many staff the move will result in disruption to their work –life balance.

“This is just the latest in a series of staff relocations launched by AIB.  In recent months we have seen significant movement of staff between locations in Sandyford, Swords and Naas.  There were serious information deficits and other issues surrounding these moves.  These cannot be repeated again.

“Our Union will be challenging AIB management to ensure that they have learnt the lessons of the recent past.  We are also seeking a comprehensive agreement on relocations that will establish some baseline standards that the Bank will have to implement.

“We will be consulting widely with our members affected by the Molesworth Street announcement and engaging with the Bank to ensure that all their concerns in relation to this move are dealt with.”