Unions band together to demand secure rents

Issued : 6 December 2016

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It goes without saying that the current housing crisis is one which impacts on our members. This impact is not simply confined to the Dublin Area anymore. Unaffordable rents, uncertain lease terms and the threat of evictions need urgent addressing.

Financial Services Union is pleased to announce that it has joined up with workers in SIPTU, Unite, CWU, Mandate, CPSU, IMPACT and the campaigning group Uplift to lobby the Minister for Housing on secure renting conditions. A petition will be delivered to the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government on Thursday. This bill is supported by a broad range of opposition TDs and would bring legislative action to the campaign’s three demands:

that rents to be linked to the cost of living i.e. the Consumer Price Index; to revoke the right of landlords to evict tenants for the purpose of sale; to move from current 4 year leases to indefinite lease terms.

Below are a selection of quotes from renters who have taken action as part of the Secure Rents campaign:

“Sometimes I lie awake in bed at nights terrified of my future housing situation and what that will mean for my son.”

“I worry about the future, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get a mortgage, to own my own home, but the thought of having to rent in the rental conditions that exist in Ireland for the rest of my life is an intolerable and upsetting prospect.”

“If my rent goes up I can’t afford it and will be homeless at 52 years of age. I don’t deserve this.”

The petition is available at www.securerents.com