IBOA responds to Ross McEwan, Chief Executive RBS, on Ulster Bank's future

Issued : 27 February 2014

IBOA has welcomed the confirmation by RBS Chief Executive, Ross McEwan, of the Group's commitment to maintaining a presence on the island of Ireland through Ulster Bank - but needs further clarification on the impact of the direction outlined by Mr. McEwan for jobs and customer services.

IBOA General Secretary Larry Broderick said that the Union had been encouraged by the widespread representations made by staff, customers and public representatives in recent weeks highlighting their concern at the continuing speculation about the future of Ulster Bank.

"We aim to engage with Ulster Bank's senior management on its future plans. Staff as well as customers want to know what kind of Ulster Bank will exist in future and what, if any, changes are likely to branches, structures and jobs.

"We know that this is a very challenging time for Ulster Bank workers and customers. So it is imperative that the Bank clarifies its plans as soon as possible. Ulster Bank should also make good on Ross McEwan's pledge of full engagement with IBOA in line with our agreed procedures. What we hope to see is a better Bank - with an accessible branch network; properly supported by well motivated staff; delivering a high quality service to customers who have remained remarkably loyal despite the recent difficulties generated for Ulster Bank by RBS."