News Archive

  1. FSU welcomes change to regulations governing the wearing of face coverings [Press Release] - Issued 26 Jan 2021
  2. Hiring of contract staff in Bank of Ireland branches needs to stop. [Press Release] - Issued 25 Jan 2021
  3. FSU welcomes constructive and informative meeting with EU Commissioner [Press Release] - Issued 21 Jan 2021
  4. Helpline on Covid-19 Protections [Press Release] - Issued 19 Jan 2021
  5. Minister of Health response on compulsory wearing of face coverings in Banks, Post Offices, Credit Unions is stupid, dangerous, and ill informed. [Press Release] - Issued 15 Jan 2021
  6. Publication of National Work Remote Strategy is a starting point, but more work required. [Press Release] - Issued 15 Jan 2021
  7. Union members in Ulster Bank to ballot on pay agreement. [Press Release] - Issued 8 Jan 2021
  8. Minister needs to add banks to the list of workplaces where the wearing of face masks by customers would be compulsory [Press Release] - Issued 4 Jan 2021
  9. Overwhelming majority of FSU members at Danske Bank in Northern Ireland vote to accept deal [Press Release] - Issued 19 Dec 2020
  10. Survey reveals pay and homeworking key areas of focus for Bank of Ireland staff [Press Release] - Issued 11 Dec 2020
  11. Financial Services Union calls on Minister Donohoe to raise Ulster Bank vulture fund issue with UK chancellor [Press Release] - Issued 4 Dec 2020
  12. FSU and WIPRO agree new job security agreement [Press Release] - Issued 3 Dec 2020
  13. AIB announcement ill- timed and should be postponed says FSU [Press Release] - Issued 2 Dec 2020
  14. Banks should review their stance on redundancies after Labour Court recommendations [Press Release] - Issued 23 Nov 2020
  15. KBC threaten withdrawal of voluntary severance terms [Press Release] - Issued 11 Nov 2020